Awaiting Grace . . .

In some ways it feels as if I have been pregnant forever, in other ways it feels like it has gone by pretty fast. If you know me, you know the last month has been one of the toughest, ever! I am so grateful to be past all of that now!  No more sickness in this house!!

If you know me, you also know that I am a SERIOUS list maker. I have lists for EVERYTHING! The best thing about my phone is the App for list making (it has won my heart over 100 times:). So, now, with exactly ONE week to go the lists are short, everything’s done and we are just AWAITING GRACE . . . our sweet baby girl! I can’t wait to see your little face and how you fit in to our family! It won’t be long now . . .

I wanted to share some pictures of her nursery. It was so fun to do a girl’s room. Don’t get me wrong, the nurseries for each of the boys were fun, too. But I finally got to indulge my feminine side (doesn’t happen much around here! I’m pretty outnumbered). What also made it fun was that it was done on a budget! The crib was borrowed from a friend, the dresser was a consignment store score (that we refurbished to shabby-chic!), some fun paint and a few little details and this is what we came up with.

Funny side story . . . if you are wondering why there is a multi colored blue stuffed bear in the crib, it was a gift from Grace’s big brothers. We took a much anticipated trip to the Build A Bear Workshop. The boys were very excited to make something for baby sister! My (almost) 5 year old bee lined for the furry blue peace sign bear. I gently suggested maybe she would like “this one, over here” or “maybe this one.” If you’ve ever tried subtlety on a 5 year old, well, don’t waste your time :) It was all set, furry blue peace bear with a “matching” rainbow and sequined dress, oh yeah, with pink heart panties underneath. I must admit “Pinky” as she was affectionately named (it’s on her birth certificate!), she’s kinda grown on me!

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2 Responses to Awaiting Grace . . .

  1. Erin McGlone says:

    So sweet – gorgeous room!! I know the feeling of being outnumbered too :-)

  2. Linda Luddy says:

    Wow Marla! That is just gorgeous! Grace, what a truly beautiful name.
    I am thrilled you and your household of boys :) . Grace will be one special
    little girl. The best to you and your family.

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