Mama Glow {San Diego Maternity Photographer}

Staying caught up on the blog has been a challenge….between sessions, holiday cards, shopping,  and KIDS there hasn’t been much time to blog or to breathe for that matter! Here’s to taking a deep breath and enjoying the season…. More blogging soon…

Enjoy this recent session with ONE BEAUTIFUL MAMA and her gorgeous family!

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2 Responses to Mama Glow {San Diego Maternity Photographer}

  1. jules says:

    are you freaking kidding me?! this has got to be the most beautiful session ever! love. love. love!
    do I have to be pregnant to have my photo done in this field with this bed?!

  2. marla says:

    too funny, Jules….No, absolutely, pregnant belly not required! But it is quite a feat to get to…involves some off -roading over mountains on private property..but well worth it! especially on an evening such as this!

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